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Checking & Savings Accounts in Lockport

At Canals & Trails Credit Union, we offer financial services and resources you need to simplify your life. Our checking and savings solutions make a difference in the lives of hardworking people. If you are looking for a simple way to access your money and plan for your future, our comprehensive financial services are just what you are just what you need. No matter your situation – from starting out, to starting over, we’re committed to making a positive difference in your financial life. Below you can read about our account services. Give us a call to get started!

In most cases, you can contact your employer’s Payroll/Human Resources Department to sign up for Direct Deposit or Payroll Deductions. All your need is your Canals & Trails Account Number and Canals & Trails Routing #271985938. If they are unable to help you, please call us at 815-838.7159.

Free Checking

A Canals & Trails Credit Union checking account saves you money because it is free! We do not charge monthly fees. You don’t have to maintain a minimum balance. And there is no charge per check. Our free checking includes a Visa Debit Card that you can use anytime at stores, for online purchases and for free withdrawals from any of our surcharge-free ATMs. Open your free checking account today!

Direct Deposit

We offer direct deposit service to simplify your life. Your paycheck, Social Security payment, pension check and other payments can go directly into your checking account. It’s easy to arrange and is safe, secure and free! Directly deposit your check payments into your Canals & Trails Credit Union checking account!

Payroll Deductions

Making deductions from your payroll is an easy way to save money. You can spread your deduction among several accounts. By having it automatically deducted, you don’t have the responsibility of depositing the money yourself. For the easy way to save, enroll in payroll deductions today!

Christmas Club

Avoid the stress of holiday shopping with our Christmas Club account. At Canals & Trails Credit Union, our Christmas Club is from Nov. 1st through Oct. 31st. Checks will be sent out the first week of November. The idea is to set aside an amount weekly, in order to have enough money to manage shopping and your day to day financial responsibilities in December and January. Take part in this savings opportunity today!

Vacation Club

Open a Vacation Club account to cover your expenses or help make travel dreams come true. With this account, you set aside a certain amount weekly, in order to save for a vacation. Whether you are saving to plan a vacation or for spending money while on vacation, either way, you will enjoy a worry-free vacation. Start putting money away in one of our Vacation Club accounts today!


At Canals & Trails Credit Union, we have IRA traditional accounts available. Our trained IRA representatives can help you save for retirement. You can also choose to make deposits into your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) through payroll deductions. However you choose to save for your retirement, we are here to help you!

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